Green Yacht AS

Green Yacht is a company that develops emission-free energy solutions for the maritime sector. The company's primary focus is on hydrogen-based systems in combination with batteries for best performance in terms of range, speed and filling-time.

Green Yachts main project at the moment is the preparation of the boat Hydrogen Viking - a technology demonstrator and a pilot project that will pave the way for other emission-free solutions in the maritime sector. The technology being developed in the pilot project is planned to be used in several other vessels in Norway; this includes ferries, speedboats, fishing vessels, and cruise ships. As a company, Green Yacht will be able to take an important role in the production and delivery of boats with similar technology as the demostration boat. The company will sell systems for new builds and for the retrofitting of existing boats.

Hydrogen tanks that store compressed hydrogen will be stored safely on board. Re-fuel systems will be developed as part of the solution.

Fuel cell modules and high capacity batteries will provide the necessary electric power. Batteries provide acceleration and fuel cell/hydrogen tanks provide range.

A well-developed Power Management System (PMS) will be installed to handle the different power sources.

State-of-the-art electric motors are used to drive the vessel quietly through the water.

Partners, supporters and sponsors.

We have a lot of collaborators and smaller sponsors in place but we are still looking for a main sponsor. If you want to know more about the project and what we can give back to you - get in touch.

Greenstat is one of the main players in the project. They provide the main press contact, account for some of the applications and have their general manager as one of the main players in the project. Read more about them at

CMR Prototech is also one of the main players. They have very high technical expertise and are the company that will make technical calculations regarding fuel cells, battery solutions, hydrogen tanks, etc. They will also be the main player together with additional partners in physical installation, programming, testing, etc. Read more about them at

Servogear specializes in propulsion systems for fast-moving, heavy vessels. They have a good history and expertise in propulsion technology and are a leading international player with local anchoring. Servogear has been a good contributor to the retail prospectus so far and is now a supplier of the hydrogen viking propeller system.

Corvus Energy is the world's leading supplier of secure, innovative and reliable energy storage solutions for all segments of the maritime industry.

DNV GL is an international quality assurance and risk management company headquartered in Norway. With a great focus on zero emissions, infrastructure and safety, they stand as a good sparring partner in the development and further development of our hydrogen-powered vessels and technology.

Hordaland County Council has, after an application, supported the project with NOK 500 000,- which will be used for a very important preliminary project that is well underway. This helps to cover half of the costs we have during the pre-project which includes technical calculations, meeting activities, preparation of progress plans, as well as other things that form the basis for the next and more practical part of the project.

BOH has been very cooperative and was helpful in obtaining a berth at short notice when the R&D vessel arrived in Bergen.

Jotun is a sponsor and has supported us with quality products from the Jotun Yachting series that include all products a boat owner needs for the maintenance of their boat. We have got detergents, lubrication, rubbing, polishing agent, etc. Read more about Jotun's boat products here.

R.G. Hagland Shipbrokers from Haugesund has done a very good job of making all contracts during the purchase process, assisted in obtaining freight from Malta to Norway and not least assisted with all important paperwork in connection with registration in the ship register NOR.

Innovation Norway has already attended a meeting and met many of the partners who have written letter of intent and will become key players on the financial side to develop this unique pilot project based in Norway.